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Define a winning Relationship Flywheel strategy, and generate
12 weeks of marketing content

Launch Package

Define a winning show strategy, and generate 12 weeks of marketing content
The launch package sets you up for success. We interview leaders in your business, and some of your clients. We leverage the knowledge to tailor a winning Relationship Flywheel strategy specifically for you and your company. In additional to strategy, we will set up all the systems and processes for you to have a successful show, build a community and grow your business. The bonus: by selecting the best pieces out of the interviews, we will generate 12 weeks of content for you, that you can use across all your content needs.
$15,000 + Travel
$12,000 + Travel – if you select the “Done for You” Package


We would love to show you how you can grow sales with the relationship flywheel – Podcast, live show, webinar, blog, youtube channel, social media, and an engaged community of raving fans, while investing only 3 hours a week.