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The playbook that created a $40M revenue community with a podcast


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The Entire Playbook for Our
$102k/Year Service For


Relationship Flywheel Bootcamp


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Why would you give away your $102k/year

cash cow for practically nothing?

Multiple reasons:


We want to put our money where our mouth is, and live up to our core values. Namely that relationships are more important than transactions and we’re playing an infinite game here. If you believe in these principles, we want to enable your success, not play some stupid game of scarcity. Community creation is the future of business development.


To learn, one must teach! We’ve worked hard to incorporate our lessons from onboarding clients into a training for our clients that will ensure long term success and scale for us. Teaching you it will help us really WOW our next round of $100k clients.


We don’t know what we don’t know. Our clients have had great success, but we’ve only served a handful of clients. Releasing the Relationship Flywheel out into the wild for you adapt and evolve this methodology will only make it better. Infinite game, AMIRITE?


Creating a low investment product offering is the easiest way to gain the trust of a high paying client that wants to test the water. If you’re a sub $1M entrepreneur, you’re hungry enough to do all this work yourself. If you’re a $25-100M year business, there’s a chance you want to do this all yourself, and there’s also a chance you decide your people are plenty busy and you want to keep the right people on the right seat of the bus, so you just want an expert to execute it for you. Chances are, that expert is us.

What is this for?

If you’ve been wanting to launch a podcast

or already have one, but it’s not leading to revenue, this is for you

If you want to host virtual events

but don’t know where to start, this is for you

If you want to build a community

but don’t have time to dedicate yourself solely to community building, this is for you

If you want to show up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter every day

but struggle making daily content that isn’t cheesy, this is for you

If you want to start a YouTube channel, or have a YouTube channel

but making weekly videos has been challenging, this is for you

If you want to host a series of webinars

but freaking hate hosting webinars, this is for you


The Relationship Flywheel is a process to build an online go to market strategy that attracts prospects, turns leads into clients, increases the lifetime value of existing clients, and builds an army of brand ambassadors who reduce your cost of acquisition.

Who is this for?

What are you going to learn?

What’s included in this course?


The Course

4 live cohort workshops to teach and help you implement your strategy as you learn it


The Materials

Our frameworks, templates, and SOP’s for each critical element of the strategy that you can use for yourself forever


The Community

A Facebook group with others just like you learning and applying the same concepts for their business


Office Hours

Weekly time slots where you can get advice from our executive to help you connect the dots with your specific situation

When will it take place?

What’s up with the BUY NOW FOR $XXX?

Come on… we’re marketers. We know scarcity sells. We also know it’s a ridiculously good deal to buy something that we do for $100k+ per year for a fraction of the price. So we sold the first cohort for $200-500, the next one for $500-800, the next one for $800-1K, and we keep hearing from everyone that we are under pricing it. At some point, we’ll sell this in perpetuity between $2,500- 5,000. So go ahead and strike when the iron is hot. It’ll never be hotter.

Relationship Flywheel Bootcamp