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Relationship driven growth pov

We believe building great relationships to be the best way to build a business, and technology has transformed the way we do everything.
But in business, we’ve all made the mistake to think technology can replace relationships.
That’s wrong.
Tech has simply transformed the way we do it.  Most importantly, it has allowed us to scale the way we build relationships.
This is great news for those of us that have always valued relationships over transactions!
We can now approach the idea of scaling relationships the same way we seek to scale any other critical process in our business.
We can build companies that can sustainably grow based on how we scale this process the same way we can predictably scale our distribution.
We are leading the charge to establish and grow this new business model.
We call it, “Relationship Driven Growth.”
If you’ve grown your business based on the value of your relationships.
If you agree that relationships are more valuable than transactions.
If you think replacing relationship building with technology is a mistake.
BUT you know you need to embrace technology to grow.


Let’s connect.

Everything is guided by our core values



Human beings are happiest when they are in service to others. If you can recognize your superpower and use it to help others, you will maximize your ability to pursue joy.


Continuously grow
and improve.

Always be learning, testing what you’ve learned, and teaching others your lessons. Embrace your vulnerability to have the courage to fail and learn from it.


Play the
infinite game.

Always think long term. There are no winners and losers, only opportunities to learn from, develop, and execute on. Everything you do has ramifications beyond the moment.


Be relationship driven
over transaction driven.

Don’t try to be king, be a kingmaker. Focus on the value that everyone has around you, and how you can help them share it with you and those around you. Apply the lessons you learn from people around you. Treat everyone with respect and have the humility to believe that every single person has something YOU can learn from.


In Execution.

If we don’t strive for excellence, and bring our best to our work, we are not giving the best of ourselves to our team, our clients, and our community

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It’s simple:

relationships drive revenue

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