Grow revenue and build a community in 1 hour per week with a WEEKLY INTERNET TALK SHOW


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Fill your sales pipeline and build your community while freeing your marketing team from producing webinars, podcasts, social media content, and blog posts

An internet talk show is the
perfect foundation to build
relationships at scale.

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You just need the right strategy, prep for interviews correctly, optimize your channels for distribution, repurpose the content for each channel, distribute it, and nurture the community, but that’s a lot of work.

Don’t you rather just show up for the fun stuff
and leave the rest to us?

What Makes the Relationship Flywheel Spin?

All of this happens weekly on your internet talk show

Perfect for account based marketing

1 to 1

Hosting a strategic relationship on your show creates a unique bond where you get to understand what they are great at while providing them the value of a stage to showcase their talent.

1 to Few

Whether 6, 16, or 60 of your clients and prospects show up to your show, they all feel like they got an hour with you. You still only spent 1 hour.

1 to Many

Repurposing and distributing the content while tagging your guests organically introduces you to their network.

The proof is in the pudding

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The proof is in the pudding

Case Study: how JWB online sales skyrocketed while growing a community of raving fans (listen to what the community members say in the fan appreciation show)

Perfect for account based marketing

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It’s simple:

relationships drive revenue

Do you agree? Good. Let’s build them at scale. The internet talk show is a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your clients, create all the content your marketing team needs, and build a community to convince your prospects that they have found their tribe. Let us build you your a Relationship Flywheel ™


We would love to show you how you can grow sales with the relationship flywheel – Podcast, live show, webinar, blog, youtube channel, social media, and an engaged community of raving fans, while investing only 3 hours a week.