Grow revenue through community building

by targeting, engaging, and activating your ideal clients through 
webinar + podcast + social media + SEO + community created by an


talk show

in only 1 hour per week

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Why do we call it the relationship flywheel?

A live show becomes your stage where relationships create content that drives more value to more relationships nurturing a growing community of raving fans.

The Relationship Flywheel difference

From lead to client to repeat business to ambassador

How do we do this?

the stage

Stop trying to be king, BECOME A KINGMAKER.

the stage

When you host a weekly live show where your company leadership features your clients' heroes, industry experts, and your most successful clients, your future clients will see you as the stage they need to be seen on.
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the audience

An engaged community of existing and potential clients

The Audience

Create, nurture, engage, and PROMOTE your community. When you enable your clientele and audience to contribute to gain from your marketing, you don't just create referrals, you create AMBASSADORS.
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The follow-up

Engage with your community - nonstop

The Follow-up

Provide value through fun and engaging content. Share that content several times per day on any platform your potential clients may be: social channels, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts, etc. Make the content in all formats so you can connect with different types of people
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JWB - $300M real estate investment company saw a 2.8X growth in sales YOY

Case study - YOY results

1 %
community size
1 %
1 %
Lead conversion
1 %
Quaterly sales
Marketing content strategy 3

JWB Content examples:

Not your average investor show

These amazing results were achieved by:

  • 2 Weekly live shows
  • Content repurposing:
    • 4 daily posts on relevant social channels
    • Podcast
    • Youtube channel
  • SEO optimized Blog
  • Facebook group engagement

sounds amazing, but...

I don't think this will work for my company because...

I don't have time for this

You only invest:



I cannot afford this

Starting as low as:




not for my business

the strategy can be adapted to any business goal

We do all the heavy lifting for you

Invest only 3 hours per week

Real world benefits in a digital implementation

a fraction of the cost

Be the stage Way

Starting at .............. $4,997/month

Time with your dream client....... 1 hour

Do it every week for only $7,997 /month

We have a proven track record in customizing

A strategy for every use case

B2B services

B2B products & services

Get access to your dream clients. Have a conversation with them. On a weekly basis.

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B2C products & services

Share your value and success stories in an engaging and non-salesy way.

Top talent

Hire top talent

Leverage the personal stories and the network of your top employees to tell your story

promote a cause or an agenda

Create a snowball of influence across sectors and promote your agenda

Still not sure it can work for your business?

our formula is simple

but simple doesn't mean it's easy 😉

Our secret formula

Still got questions?

The goal of this step is to develop the strategy and the assets to achieve it.

We start by evaluating your goals, your industry, and your existing assets.

We then define your dream clients and develop an acquisition strategy.

No, this is not a mistake. Once our strategy is defined and our assets are available we launch. We also collect a lot of data – impressions, engagement, community size, email list size, leads, sales, conversion, etc.

Using this concept allows us to move fast, test different approaches and learn what is working in the most effective way.  

We use the data we collect to continuously fine tune our approach. we make changes to the topics of the show, the types of guests we host, the key messages we focus on, the audience we target, and anything else which we believe will improve results. This is a never ending iterative process, allowing us to continuously improve our client’s results and ROI.

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while investing only 3 hours a week.

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