Marketing burnout is real


Seems like everyone has a podcast these so you feel like you need one too, right? Sounds like an easy enough ask for your marketing department, right?
Having a podcast CAN be great for your business, but it will be an epic waste of resources (⏳&💸) when done inefficiently.

What is inefficient podcasting?

Not that simple of an ask anymore, is it?

Learn how our done-for-you solution allows you to have your show and only do the fun stuff, while we do all the heavy lifting

If you are doing any of these,
there are 2 things that can happen:


This podcast becomes your passion project. You spend more time & money than makes sense on it because you’re enjoying the process so much and eventually you have a breakthrough and it starts to work for your actual business (🙋🏻‍♂️ guilty)


You burn out. You decide it’s just a fad. You decide that you just need to go back to what worked for you in the past. You get left behind in the digital content economy. You become a commodity in a race to the bottom.

Don’t let your podcast be the last
straw for marketing idea burnout.

Do it the right way. Don’t just build a podcast.
Build a Relationship Flywheel.

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