Ways to Create Digital Word of Mouth

These our our strategies for podcasting, webinars, and trade shows to build community. Not sure what you need? Take our quiz!

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Content Engagement Types

Internet Talk Show

You get: podcast, webinars, social media, and community

Best for: You have a 3-5 person sales team and have invested in SEO, but aren’t getting great results anymore. You think there is a better opportunity- form a community of your ideal clients.

$12k at launch / $5k a month

Popcast Booth

You get: be the talk of your trade shows in person and online

Best for: You spend $100k+ per year in trade shows, but want more people to stop when walking past, better conversations in their booth, and better follow up.

starts at $15k

Client Activation

You get: testimonial and client education videos for your webpage and nurture funnels, and 3 months of social media content

Best for: You are a local service company that provides the best service in their market.

starts at $15k

The Relationship Flywheel Bootcamp

You get: learn how to implement our trademarked The Relationship Flywheel strategy yourself

Best for: You are a small company without a marketing budget or a company with a team that wants to execute in house.

starts at $1,497

See How This Works for Your Business

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The proof is in the pudding

Case Study: how JWB online sales skyrocketed while growing a community of raving fans (listen to what the community members say in the fan appreciation show)

Perfect for account based marketing

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