Client Activation

Stop trying to convince the world how great you are, LET YOUR BEST CLIENTS DO IT FOR YOU

This engagement will allow you to feature your clients talking about how great you are:

  • on your website pages
  • in your nurture emails
  • in your ads
  • all over social media

in their own words, instead of yours.

You invite your 8-12 best clients and 2-4 team leaders and we will interview them about:

  • each of your unique value propositions
  • every step in their buying decision from awareness to client success and referal
  • the value of your people
  • what makes them special

We then turn that into videos of you clearly understanding them in the form of:

  • a long form storytelling video about your business (for your home page/YouTube)
  • 8-12 short compilations made to get prospects to trust you and see you as the solution for them, specifically (for webpages, ads, and email sequences)
  • 60+ social media videos about your team, your clients, and how you help people every day
  • video gifts for each client that will highlight them as experts in their field


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Want to turn your best clients into your biggest evangelists?